Haifa Mining Company was established in 2017 specialized in mining silica sands graded with different purity according to the needs of the industries that include silica sand, as we are ready to meet all the needs of the local and global market of silica sand, and we helped by this that Jordan stores billions of tons of silica of high purity stored in the soil in southern Jordan, where the mining area in which we obtained the right to mine

Haifa SILICA Sand

In line with the requirements of the global markets and its need for silica within a high purity of up to 98.5%, our idea came to the work of the factory, where we extract silica from the soil and send it to the factory to be purified and filtered soil and passed in stages on the latest machines to reach high-purity silica sand and be ready as raw materials used in many industries

Silica Sand – General Purposes

Silica sand has numerous uses across various industries due to its unique properties. Here are some common uses of silica sand:

Haifa Mining Company

Haifa SILICA SAND - Bottles - 300" - Silica Sand for manufacturing Beer Bottles

Silica sand is commonly used in the glass manufacturing industry, including the production of beer bottles. The specific type of silica sand used for beer bottles is typically high-quality, low-iron silica sand. It is important to use high-quality silica sand to ensure the clarity and purity of the glass, as any impurities or contaminants can affect the quality of the final product.


The production of windows typically involves the use of a specific type of silica sand known as float glass or flat glass silica sand. Float glass is a high-quality, versatile type of glass used for windows, mirrors, and other architectural applications. The silica sand used for float glass production has specific requirements to ensure the desired properties of the glass.